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Mikala Egeblad Action shot 4

Research Highlights: NETs awaken sleeping cancer cells
Nature Reviews Immunology, October 16 (2018)

Research Watch: neutrophil extracellular traps trigger dormant tumor cell proliferation
Cancer Discovery, October 5 (2018)

Perspective: how dormant cancer persists and reawakens
Science, September 28 (2018)

Intravital Imaging Offers View of Cancer Cell Interaction With Immune Response
Oncology Times, January 5 (2018)

Cancer: Blocking metastasis
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, November 18 (2016)

Imaging: Cancer caught in the act
Nature, May 7 (2014)

Q&A: Mikala Egeblad on Tumor Microenvironment
Cancer Discovery, April 17 (2014)

Cancer: Environment of chemo success
Nature 485, 282-282 (2012).

The Tumor Microenvironment Promotes Drug Resistance
Cancer Discovery 2, 485 (2012).

Highlights from Recent Cancer Literature
Cancer Research 72, 2915-2916 (2012).

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